Nature that lifts your Spirit!

” I have seen a lot of stunning Nature, especially when I lived in New Zealand for a while, but I have to say, the Yorkshire Dales in the UK is definitely Gods land” 



I heard it before, people of Yorkshire call this area Gods Land. And I totally understand as it Is stunning. Beautiful green hills, lots of different nature and colours, stretched country side….even on a bit of a cloudy, and now and then rainy day….it’s still stunning.

I think it has something Magical, with the old stone walls aside the country roads, the old stone walls that seperate pieces of land….I can totally imagine the time of King Arthur here ;-) Beautiful old cottages and the small, cosy, and typical country villages around it.


It is my wish to live in the Country Side one day, to be more connected with Nature. I’m totally happy to drive an hour from town to go home in such a idealism environment.

Showing a few pictures is beautiful, but it can’t totally give you the Feeling of your own Spirit when you are there and see it for yourself. Driving through it….everywhere you look around you….stunning Nature! It’s really an uplifting experience, a big “wow” effect for sure!


I feel very Blessed and Grateful to live close to this piece of God Land, as it’s not far from my doorstep at all……

Angelique ღ

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