Letter of Gratitude

When you show Gratitude, every day, you’ll receive more to be Grateful of”

Thank you card

I Do believe in the Magic of Gratitude, in the Law of Attraction, setting out Intentions, sharing Positive Energy towards others……as more than once I experienced the Magic of it resulting in things to happen you just can’t think of before they actually happen.

Every day, when I get up, I say Thank You a few times, and before I go to sleep, I say Thank You for all I’ve experienced that day. Even throughout the day I often say Thank You when (little) things come to me in positive ways, or even when it’s something I needed to learn from (no negative ways, as they don’t really exist, we decide ourselves it’s something “negative” while it’s actually something “positive” as it was a lesson).

I Do experience myself, because I show my Gratitude every day, I Do experience more to be Grateful of.

Last week, this came to me…….

My good and dear friend Viv called me on an evening to explain that she and her partner ( well, Twin Flame ), will travel to Europe, Portugal to be precisely, to start living a bit more “off the grid” and so getting rid of some Material things.

She wanted to sell her car and another friend of her would like to buy the car but experienced a bit trouble to get the money together. So Viv and her partner discussed if they actually really wanted the money for the car or more  wanting to help out someone out (especially now they like to connect more to nature and step away from materialism).

As both believe in Helping, Supporting and Pay it Forward, they decided to make an agreement with the friend who wanted to buy the car from her. They told her that if they would give her the car, instead of letting her buy it and give money, to do the same towards someone with her “old” car.

They explained to her that they have another friend (me) who could really use a car. And they would love the idea to give her their car (for free) if she would “Pay Forward” her car to me (for free) They called it an exchange between Angels ;-)

As you can imagine, I was blown away when Viv called me and explained it all to me, and that I would receive a car the next day….for free. A car which if I would sell it would be easily still worth a 1500-2000 pounds. I had no words for it……

The next day we met up, to exchange the cars, me….still blown away and didn’t know what to say than….Thank You. The lady of the car said to me that words are not always needed. And she is right….being Grateful is enough. And to see you Help someone else, make someone else Happy…that is the most important, and it makes you feel great!

The day after, for the first time since being in the UK for just over a year, I went to do groceries with my car. When I loaded the groceries in the car, I just sat there for a couple of minutes…..again overwhelmed with Gratitude….no more carrying heavy bags with groceries on the bus, the freedom to drive into the country side to connect more with nature…..

I had an emotional moment, kept saying Thank You a few times more as I realised….. good things come to you when you are Grateful all the time. It’s not about How or in What way it comes to you….but it does come to you.

You receive what you send out, big time. So better send out what you want, positive things, things to be Grateful of. There is Always something to be Grateful for, every day, even if it’s something small….

Say Thank you a bit more in your Life and let the Magic come to you.

Angelique Mol ღ

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