Easy moments of Meditation


“Even a few minutes of a silent and peaceful mind is Meditation”     Angelique Mol ღ

People often think that you Need to “make time” for meditation, to sit or lay down, soft relaxation music in the background, or even a guided meditation to listen to….

But there are so many different ways of “easy meditation”. Meditation is all about Empty the Mind, Silence the Mind and Creating a Peaceful Mind. Getting rid of worries and stress, calm down and relax.

When you’re out in Nature and watch a beautiful Sunset or Sunrise and watch this moment in silence, without any other thoughts on your mind, that’s already a form of Meditation.

When you are being Creative, like drawing, colouring and painting….this is also very Meditative as you let your Mind be free from other thoughts and are connected to the other side of your brain, your Creative side instead of your Logical side.

You don’t even Have to close your eyes to Meditate, though for some people this works the best to relax and empty the Mind. As long as you silence your Thoughts and Create a Peaceful Mind, you are in a Meditative state.

It is in that way also not Needed to Meditate for hours, a simply 10 minutes Meditation can do wonders. You have a stressful moment at work and need to break free from it? Give yourself 10 minutes by yourself, preferably in a silent or peaceful environment, and let it all Go and Flow. After these 10 minutes you feel Much better!

Myself, I like to Meditate for about 10-15 minutes before I go to sleep. This helps me to sleep more peaceful, as I empty my Mind from all the thoughts and attention from the day. It prevents restless sleeping and “weird” dreaming as well. Often we have strange and stressful dreams as lots of thoughts are still running through our Mind when we go to sleep. So why not give your Self a moment of Peace and Silence before laying yourself for a good night sleep.

I noticed, within my experience, when I Meditate every day, even for a short time, I feel totally different, I feel better, more relaxed and don’t even let stress come close to me. It seems I am better guarded to stress and “negative” thoughts. I can think more clear and with Peace which also helps me to make better choices and decisions when I need to make one.

Allow Meditation in your daily Life and enjoy the Inner Peace!

Angelique Mol ღ

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