The Power of Animal Healing

Animal Healing is almost something Magical….the connection you have with an animal while using and exchanging Divine Energy is simply amazing…… 

Angelique Mol ღ



Healing on animals is often easier to do as animals are very receptive and allow the Divine Energy to come through easier because they are so much more connected, more open and don’t block themselves with Limited Believes like a lot of humans do.

They simply allow, enjoy and will even come to you to “ask” for it which makes it even more Magical. Often they “show” you even where they like to receive healing.

Lolly, the cat in the pictures above, had kidney failure when she was only a kitten. She’s doing wonderful at the moment but often she comes and “asks” to receive some Healing.

She even will position herself in the right way so I don’t have to move my hand to a certain spot, but just keeping my hand still, and every single time she lays down, stretches herself on the same side, in the same position, so my hand is at the right spot where she needs and want receive the Healing.

If I move my hand sometimes slightly to a different spot I can feel that my hand is turning away from the spot that needs attention as the right spot to Heal feels warmer underneath my hands. So, moving my hand away from the spot and moving back to the spot I feel the warmth getting stronger when having my hands above or on the right spot.

It’s beautiful to see, feel and experience how animals totally relax underneath my hands. Simply because they allow and because they can actually Feel the benefits of Healing.

In a lot of ways, humans still can learn a lot from animals, especially when it comes to connection and being open minded and receptive. Animals don’t “think” if healing will work, they just Know it does.

Angelique ღ

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