The importancy of your Environment

Sitting here and working in a local cafe in Leeds, Oranaise Cafe. The environment is relaxed, nice music, not too much people, lovely foods and drinks.

Change of environment can do much for you. And then I don’t speak about literally moving away from the environment where you live ( though this can sometimes be really beneficial as well ), but more going out when you feel a bit “bored” or “trapped” in your home.

I can work at home pretty fine, I have everything I need there, it’s comfortable…..but, it also can be “dangerous” in terms of not being able to concentrate really well or bring your Mindset to a certain state you want it to be.

Getting yourself into another environment, and this can be anything you like and feel comfortable in, gives you sometimes the opportunity to focus on other things, to relax the mind, to be open minded to new and creative ideas….

Like today I decided to go to Oranaise Café in Leeds, my daughter works there as a waitress, and I brought my iPad to work on for a bit. There’s nice music in the background, I have some fresh water in front of me, some olives…..and this environment makes me very productive at the moment.


Sometimes being at home you can be easily distracted from what you like to focus on, or thinking about other “jobs” you “should” be doing or you can easily be “blocked” as well as your mind wonders off too much.

I really like to change environment to work in as it always gives me a boost to work in. This time it’s a local Cafe, next time it might be the Park or another nice place to be in.

Whenever you feel Blocked or Distracted too much, try to go “out”, even when it’s just for a walk to get some fresh air and then get back to what you want to focus on. It really helps!

Never underestimate a change of Environment, it does more for you then you might realise.

Enjoy your Day for the fullest!

Angelique ღ 

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