Feeling Disconnected

We all feel it sometimes, the feeling of Disconnection with your Higher Self. What do you do about it?


For me personally, I can have moments where I feel Disconnected from my Higher Self. Of course you Are not really disconnected from your Higher Self but you can Feel that way.

When certain things happen in your life, for whatever reasons, you can feel a bit out of Balance. You feel distracted, start to think or overthink more, maybe even allow worries coming in or fear. This is completely normal as we are still Human as well.

When I feel Disconnected I try to “get myself together” again and try to find the reason Why I feel disconnected. Is it because I started to focus on other things, which are possibly not even really important ? Was I distracted by others or maybe even by my own Mind?

As soon as I can recognise for myself where the distraction is coming from or what made it happen, I can deal with it. I take a step backwards so to say and look with a wider view what happened and try to recognise where I “lost” the connection with my Higher Self.

Then I Center myself again ( getting myself back together ) and start to focus again on what Really matters and what Feel good for my Self. The moment I start to Center myself I feel that it’s right. And the moment I get back into my own personal Spiritual routine again, like meditating regularly, reading important books and articles, be intuitive creative, write articles, connect with my guides etc, I start to Feel way more Balanced again. Which is a great feeling!

Like I mentioned before, we are still Human as well, so it’s perfectly okay when you feel Disconnected some times. It’s part of our Human experience. So never feel bad or guilty about it, but just pick it up as soon as you recognise it. For me, everything has its reason, so it might have been needed to feel disconnected for a bit so you recognise the difference Within your Self how it Feels when you are.

Remember, you’ll Never lose your Connection with your Higher Self or Spirit. It’s always there. So never worry about that. That you Feel disconnected doesn’t mean you’re Truly Are. As once Awakened and Enlightened you will Never lose that connection, it’s just a bit more at the “background” as you allow other things to connect to at the front focus more. You can Always “tune in” again. It’s like a radio station that’s a bit of its frequency and you need to fine tune it again to hear it more clear. In a similar way it works with your Spiritual Connection. You can Always fine tune again.

Find your own Inner Peace and Balance, Create your own comfortable Connection with your Higher Self and just let your Self wave on the Flow of Universal Guidance.

Angelique Mol

Spiritual Life Coach

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