Unconditional Love is More Powerful than you might think….




You’ve probably heard about Unconditional Love before. But What is Unconditional Love exactly?

As it already says by itself, it’s Unconditional, so without any Restrictions and Bounderies. The ability to Love without any Judgement, Procrestionations and Assumptions.

When you are able to See and Feel Unconditional Love in Everyone and Everything you can Truly say you Live Unconditional Love.

And this means you can See and Feel this Love in Every single Human, no matter what Race, Religion, Background, Colour or Age….but also in Nature,  Animals and All that Lives with Unconditional Respect.

To be able to See and Feel with Full Awareness of what Is and to Let All Be as Is.

Once able to Feel Unconditional Love within Your Self you are able to See and Feel Unconditional Love in All. And once you send it out with True Intent you might be surprised How Much you receive back.


Angelique Mol ღ 

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