Ask yourself; Is my Life how I Really Want it to be?

Happiness is something we Create for ourselves. Often we take things for granted and assume that we are Really Happy with what we are doing in Life and with who. But when you start to look at yourself from a distance, a different perspective, outside from yourself like someone else would look at you ……..are you Truly Happy with what you are doing, with who and what you have Achieved for yourself? Or are there still hidden Passions, Dreams and Goals?


You migh have a way of denying your Goals and Dreams or better to say “excuses” for not following them. You might think ‘it’s not for me’, ‘I’m too old now to get started’, ‘I would never be able to do that’, ‘what will others say’, ‘I don’t know even where to start’.

These are not really “excuses” but these are actually Beliefs, buried Deep down inside of you. You truly Believe yourself ( and others ) that these “excuses” are Reasons for not taking action on your Goals and Dreams. So the First thing you would need to work on is start Believing that you still Can go for your Goals and Dreams.

Just ask yourself: If you Have the Opportunity (without all the Beliefs/Excuses) to go for your Goals and Dreams after all, Would you Do it?

So imagine….all the “excuses” don’t exist, are not there….Create a picture in yourself that you are Free from those….What kind of Excitement can you Feel within yourself by the Thought and Idea of getting started towards your Goals and Dreams?  There are No Limitations, Nobody to tell you off………………..Great Feeling aye?!

So then now ask yourself again: Am I happy as my situation in Life is right now? Would going for my Goals and Dreams fill my Life with Much more Happiness? Would it make my Life more Complete and Satisfied?………….Shall I just Go for it?!…………..

What do you Feel? How do you Feel right now?

Don’t let any Doubts, Fear, Insecurity hold you away from this moment of Excitement.

Remember, you Always have a Choice and no reasons to wait any longer, as even taking little baby-steps towards your Goal is Moving Forward!

You might be Excited but also a bit confused about How to get started. Maybe you find it difficult to create a Plan for yourself or even to find the first starting point. And that’s okay, as long as it doesn’t take you away from your Goals or Dreams.

A Life Coach can Help you, even if it’s just with the First Step and you can Go from there by yourself, or you might like a bit more support along your way towards your Goal, or you might even like to benefit from Coaching till you’ve reached your Goal.

So there are several options where a Coach can Help you and with what kind of intensity. The choice is All yours. You make the Choices, you make the Decisions.

How do you know if a Coach is right for you? The only way to find out is to grab the option for a Complimentary Session. This is a Free Coaching Session and can take half an hour to an hour. In this Session you can discuss what is on your Mind and What you like to Do. A Coach can then explain to you what the Options are within Coaching and You can Decide if you are happy with that. If you are, you can discuss How to Go from there. If you are not entirely happy or want to think about it first, you Can.

Remember, it is Very important that you Want a Coach to help you! As this can bring you Amazing results. Your Motivation is the Most Important factor within the Coaching!

If you are curious now, or even better, Excited to make a Great Change in your Life, then click Here to use your Complimentary Coaching Session to find out!!

It won’t harm you or make your situation less, so Why not using this option when it’s given to you for FREE.

See you soon!

Angelique ღ





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