The reiki attitude to life

Another great blogpost of Jonathan Duke who expresses his growth From the Ground very well. Enjoy reading and start Loving!

These Wings Can Fly

View from the ground


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tzu

An interesting name for the blogs. A view from the ground? What is the view? Where is the view? Is the view up, down, all around,? Is the ground grass, or concrete?

Yes, welcome to another exceedingly challenging week through the grounded eyes of this baffled writer.

For the lovely people who read the last blog, Round The Bend Or Just Another Mind Full Week, I set us the challenge of looking in the mirror every morning and telling ourselves three things that we love …….. about ourselves. Have you tried it? How easy was it? Did you find three different things every day? Did you? If you have done this, thank you and well done. If you have tried and struggled. Thank you for trying, and well done for getting on…

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