Get rid of Limited Beliefs!

We all get choices, chances and opportunities, but do we always take it or do we hold back because of insecurities and fear?

What do You do when Opportunity knocks your door? Do you open the door and invite it with both hands to come in or do you start (over)thinking and doubting and close the door?

When you Do close the door and spend days on doubt and (over)thinking you also must realise that often the opportunity doesn’t ring twice.

A missed Opportunity is a missed chance to Progress and Growth

So What is holding you back? Why do you have doubts? Is it because you are afraid what others might say? Is it because you have fear it might not work out so well? Do you worry already about the moment when it doesn’t work out?

When we (over)think and creating doubts, fear and insecurities we are actually Allowing the negative thoughts to come in instead of Feeding the positive ones. And the Positive ones are the ones we Need to make Progress and be able to Move Forward.

Overthinking, Doubts, Fears have All to do with Limited Beliefs. As we Limit ourselves in What we Think we Can do. And those Limitations come from thoughts like I mentioned before, “what do others think and say about it”, “I don’t think I can Do it”, “What If?” Etc.

So let’s Replace the Can’t for the Can, the Don’t for the Do by changing our Mindset in Positive Vibes. You have to Believe you Can Do it! As you Can!

Often (not always) when people come to you with “negative” questions like “Are you sure?” or give you reasons for Not to do it, it is a Reflection of themselves!  So these people actually Doubt on You if you can Do it, so even More Reason to Go for It! Prove you Can!

So our Limited Beliefs are often Created through other’s perceptions of You and what They think you’re capable of, and Created by Yourself because You Believe it too!

To get Rid of Limited Beliefs you have to Change the Dont’s for the Do’s and the Cant’s for the Can’s!

Start Believing that you Can! As you Do! Believe that No One can Hold you Back! Believe that you Can be Succesful! Believe you Are capable of doing Anything!

Believe in You!


You probably heard before….If you can Dream it you Can Do it! And this is true! It’s only our Limited Believes that hold us back from achieving.

What is your Dream again? What do you like to Achieve? What do you like to Change in your Life?

Do it! It’s simply as that.


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2 thoughts on “Get rid of Limited Beliefs!

  1. I wanted to share my tsunami dream. This was about August 2018.
    In this dream i was walking on a beach with people following behind me. I came to what appeared a section of the beach where water was forming a ditch with mud in it. On the other side of the ditch was a hill with grass on it. As i walked up to the ditch i saw alligators that started leeaving up the hill looking back as if they had no choose but leave. At once someoune with a staff walked up behind me and thrust the staff in the mud. Alligators began to move under the mud.
    One grabbing the staff as if i an not leaving. As this was happing i look to the left which was the ocean and all the water
    Was sucked out. And i said , there is a tsunami coming. Then i woke up.

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