Improve your Life – Mind Shift

The Love and Truth Field

When you drive in your car, in the 2nd gear and try to Speed Up, the engine will get over-stressed, it can only Run smoothly again when you Shift……

For us, in our Body and Mind it works exactly the same.

When we want to Improve our Life, become more Succesful, Create something, Make a Change, Manifest our Dreams….we need to Do something.

You can’t Create or make a Change when you stay at the same Level of Speed you are in now. You need to put Effort in it and that means you need to Speed Up.

Speeding Up means that you become more Creative for ideas, that you Raise in Consciousness so it will make you Move Forward.

To Create Progress you need to Move Forward, you need to Speed Up.

So what you actually need doing is Shift into the next gear, in your Mind, create more Speed towards your Goal. Then, instead of Struggling and feeling Stuck ( because you stay in the 2nd gear ) you Shift into the next gear which makes Everything run Smoothly.

When everything runs Smoothly you can Think better, Visualize better, Create better ideas which will gives you more Confidence and Believe as well in your Dreams and Goals.

Mind Shift is Very Powerful and Important when you are Longing for Change, you will create the right level of Energy and Vibration.

Learning to Mindshift is Improving your Life(style). And this goes hand in hand with Happiness, Feeling Confident and Being Succesful.

Start now! Shift your Mind in the Gear of Possibilities!

Angelique Mol ॐ

Spirituition Life Coaching

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