You have the Key to Happiness!


You might recognise it when I say that a lot of people look for Happiness everywhere But within  themselves.

Actually it’s You, your Self, where Happiness can be found. True, Infinite Happiness you will never find just “out there”, like through others, through things, your work…… As long as you Don’t. Feel Happiness within Your Self, you will never be Truly Happy, in an Infinite way.

We all look for Happiness as who doesn’t want to Feel Happy and Alive?! But why is it sometimes so hard to find? Where do I look and what do I need to do?

Happiness is within You.

Happiness is a Peace of Mind, Feeling Tranquil, No Stress, No Worries, No Anxiety. And all these things are within You. So All the things that Don’t belong there and ‘block’ the way to your Happiness, you need to get rid of. And the sooner the better!

It’s not just that Stress, Worries, Anxiety, Fear are in your way of your Happiness Experience, it can also make your Body become ill. As all of those mentioned are Negative Vibrations, Negative Energies. And you surely will understand that Happiness ( Positive Vibes and Energy ) doesn’t go hand in hand with Negative Vibes and Energies.

So to be Truly Happy within your Relationships, in your Work, in your Environment, with your Friends etc you First need to Create Happiness within Your Self. And how do you do that?

You might have tried to Be and Feel “Happy” before. But where did you try to get it from? Be honest to yourself now. Did you Really try to Create this from Within Your Self or did you find more Satisfaction ( temporary happiness ) through other people, a new relationship, a new job, buying things you always wanted to have?

Because If you are not Happy within your Relationship or your Job for example… it then Really the Relationship or Job…..or are you not Happy within Your Self? It can work in strange ways, but when you are not Truly Happy within Your Self, a lot of things around you, like a Relationship or Job might seem not a Happy place to be anymore either. As it’s not really Objective anymore.

When you Are truly Happy within Your Self and still not like your Job or feeling not good about your Relationship it’s from another Perspective. As then it’s not really about Happiness anymore but other Factors and Reasons you can see more Clearly as it’s not the Happiness that’s on your way. You start to get a bit what I try to explain here to you?

So to find True Happiness within Your Self (again) it’s important to deal with Factors like Stress, Anxiety, Worries and Fear. Replace them for Inner Peace, Balance and Mindfulness. See You and Love Your Self! Truly Love Your Self!

Go out more in Nature or do other activities that Relaxing You, have you tried Meditation or Yoga? A great way, And combination, to get your Body and Mind back in Balance again. Be Creative, draw, paint, read, start knitting, start exercising ( this releases a lot of stress and anxiety as well ) use Positive Affirmations ( Very Powerful! )…..Find something that Works for You to get rid of Stress, Worries, Anxiety and Fear.

Once you are more Balanced, Peaceful and Tranquil within Your Self you will See things around you more Objective and will Help you to make Better Decisions in Any area of your Life.

You Deserve it to Be Happy! So work on it! Don’t wait till tomorrow, Start Now!

Angelique Mol ॐ

Spiritual Life Coach


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