A week from the ground aka hold my hand

Another awesome blogpost from Jonathan Duke who is Really on his Way to Thrive his Passion, even with an upcoming published Book, stay tuned!
Jonathan with his great View From The Ground is on his way to Bloom even more within Him Self but also taking off to Help and Guide other Like Minded. Watch him, you will hear more from him…..


Angelique Mol ॐ

These Wings Can Fly

View from the ground

It’s Sunday, so it must be time to reflect. Reflect? What, I’ve been looking in the mirror?

Well, as it is, I have and I’m looking good, thank you for asking. Now, before I get bombarded from those who know me with ‘who are you kidding?’, let me expand on this rather crass statement. I am being selective with the relevant definition of ‘good’.

No, I’m not referring to ‘better, best’. However, ‘morally excellent’ feels like what I looked at, and ‘honourable’ is a word I am comfortable to wear on my t-shirt.

This is not how I planned to open this latest wall of words, but they never start as planned. What does go as planned? And, there it is, the inspiration for the blog.

So, welcome to another View From The Ground blog. This will be one of the last to be published exclusively…

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