Meeting your Twin Flame

Divine Love

There can be some confusion about Soul Mates and Twin Flames, so what is the difference about this?

Well Soul Mates already says much on it’s own, it’s someone you Feel a Strong Connection with, but often a Soul Mate is not someone you come particular in a Relationship with, as lovers. Although there Are love relationships possible between Soul Mates. You can meet more than 1 Soul Mate on your Journey as a Soul Mate is another Soul from your Soul Group. You meet each other on your Journey or in this Life time to learn from each other or teach each other something you need to learn to be able to move forward on your Journey.

A Twin Flame is a more Intense and Deeper Soul Connection. A Twin Flame is your actually Other Half. The Other Half of your Soul. So a Twin Flame is the Other Half of You, as a Soul. When you are really Looking out For your Other Half this means you are looking out for your Twin Flame. Comparing to a Soul Mate, you have Only 1 Twin Flame as there can be Only 1 Other Half of You.

People often seem to have the Urge to find their Other Half or Twin Flame which is a Natural urge from us to do. It’s not really our Human part but more our Spiritual and Higher Self part who Creates the Urge to find our Twin Flame. The more you reach Higher Consciousness the more you Open Up to the Feeling of wanting to meet your Twin Flame. It’s like “Lost Lovers” who want to find each other again.

Though, Both Part Souls needs to be “Ready” to meet one another. As long as One Part of the Other still needs to learn things or is not Ready yet to Reunite it will not happen, no matter How Much you Long for it. When Both Part Souls are Ready and Open they will Send Out a Frequency which the other Part Soul will pick up, in Higher Consciousness, and will be able to Find each other.

It’s very important for Both Part Souls to be in 5th Dimension Energy as well. As when Both or One is still connected to 3rd Dimension Energy a Twin Flame connection cannot become Reality either. When still attached to 3rd Dimensional Energy a lot of things, like Ego related energies, will prevent a Twin Flame Connection. A Twin Flame Connection is based on Higher Consciousness, Unconditional Love, 5th Dimension Energies and No 3rd Dimension Energy restrictions.

Will you Meet your Twin Flame in this Life Time? That all depends on your level of Consciousness, what Lessons you still need to Learn for your Self, to Which level of Dimension Energy you are connected, If you are still restricted by Fear Energy or Ego Energy, If you still have Blockages to Let Go of…..

The best thing to Go with this is Let it All Happen. When the Time is right, Divine Timing, for Both Soul Parts to be Ready, Twin Flames will find each other and Reunite. It will happen occur Divine Plan and you don’t Need to look for it. The more you Search for your Twin Flame the more Energy you put in that instead of putting your Energy in getting Your Self Ready for the Union. Searching is waste of Energy, so to speak, as it Will happen when Both are Ready and it Will happen Naturally.

So better put your Energy in Developing your Self and let the Magic Happen!


Angelique Mol ॐ


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