Channeling, You Can Do It!

Vibrational Match

Someone asked me today if I am a Psychic, and I replied that I am not. Though I explained that I do Channel and use this as well for Intuitive Writing, Reading Cards and Coaching people.

Another question I was asked before is if Everyone is able to Channel, I replied that it Is indeed possible for Everyone to Channel. It just depends on your own Vibration and Consciousness.

If you are not able yet to Tune into the right Frequency you can’t make that clear Connection and you will experience that you “can not” Channel. But once you Are able to Tune into the right Frequency you Can. It works this way with a lot of things, also with Receiving Positive Energies, Abundance…it’s all about a Vibrational Match in Energy.

To be able to Channel it’s important to be Conscious and to be able to Connect to your Higher Self as well. Actually, when you are able to Connect with your 8th Chakra ( your Soul ) and your 9th Chakra ( Spirit ) you will definitely be able to Channel.

It is something we All can develop, but it’s a process which requires time and effort. You need to be Aware and Awaken in the first place and then raise in Consciousness, Connect with your Inner Self, feel Inner Peace, Meditate….

Some people Channel while in Meditation or doing a Shamanic Journey, others Channel even sometimes when they are not fully aware of it at the moment, but later on recognize they said things which didn’t really came from themselves.

Once you Do start recognize the Channeling you can start to fine tune it. It’s also important that you trust on what ‘comes through’. In the beginning you can be confused and wonder if what you ‘hear’ is your Own Thoughts. But later on you will know the difference.

A nice practice to try is to Meditate for a bit so you Clear your Mind, keep your Mind totally open to Receive and just ask “what do you want me to write about”. And everything that ‘pops’ in your mind, you write down….on a piece of paper or in a journal you like to use for this practice….and even the things from which you might think is silly….write it down.

If you do this practice every day, and that doesn’t have to be for hours, you will recognize a progress. Instead of “silly” words “interesting” words might pop up or even short sentences. Most important is that you stay Open to Receive and have Trust that nothing that comes to you is “silly”.

If you combine this practice with regular Meditation, every day would be the best, you Are able to develop this Skill. Like any other Skill, it takes time and practice. Give it a try for a while, a month or so to start off with, and read your Journal again and see if there is any progress. When you put daily effort in this, it should be.

I am very curious how You go with this, so Feel Free to let me know how you develop! I always get excited when people share their progress and experiences!

Remember, You Can Do It!


Angelique Mol ॐ


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