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Another Fantastic View from the Ground by Jonathan Duke!
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Angelique Mol ॐ

These Wings Can Fly

View From The Ground


Welcome to the first View From The Ground blog of 2016. What a start to the year. Or should that be – What? A start to the year? It’s hard to work out which one reflects things at the moment.

I hear it could all be linked to the current planetary alignment. Maybe so, or maybe it’s just a tough old time for a few people.

The erratic start to the year sort of shaped my thinking for the blog. I just had to check the start of that sentence. It could have been so wrong suggesting there had been an erotic start to the year. Perhaps, in a Freudian sort out way that could have been a line to a blog on a different site – A View From The Bed.

Anyway, back to the main theme. I’ve been thinking about another book. Another book?…

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