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Another Form of Numerology


A Dear friend of mine, who does Shamanic Journey Meditations, shared a different form of Numerology with me to have a different look at the Numbers.

Instead of ‘looking up’ the meaning of the Numbers you can actually use another way to reveal the Messages you receive from Repeative Sequence Numbers.

She Channeled this in one of her Shamanic Journeys and I’m very happy to share it with you. So here are the Basic Numbers with their Interpretation:

1.   Alignment with the Parallel Universe

2.   Weakening of the Kundalini from the Root

3.   Sound…The Waves of ALL Creation, OM

4.   The Triangle Tripartite

5.   The Kundalini Awakening reaching the Crown and Higher Dimensions

6.   Embryo Creation commences…instigated from the Lower World to Middle World ( Earth )

7.   Halting of Creation. Drawing a line to Stop.

8.   Infinity

9.   Embryo Creation commences…instigated from the Upper Realms to Manifest in the Middle World

0.   The Pure Circle of Love. The Celestine Symbol

So for example….. Number 10 is a Message to say You are in Alignment with the Celestine ( Angels ). Number 11 tells you You are Aligned to one other Parallel Universe. Number 144 tells us we are Aligned to our own Tripartite strongly.

Hope this helps you interpreting the Messages you Receive through Repeative Sequence Numbers ;-)

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Angelique Mol ॐ


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