The Spirit of Music and Art – 31 October 2015 Leeds UK


How About This For A Magical Idea?

Let’s run an Event on Halloween and let’s get Two Awsome Performers – one fresh from succes at Edinburgh Fringe and one real life Glastonbury Bard who plays regularly at Glastonbury Abbey.

Let’s run it somewhere a bit different…….How about the beautiful Leeds Minster?

Let’s also have both performers doing their “wandering minstrel” act at Kirkstall Abbey on the same day at the Deli Market.

Let’s harness the Pay It Forward option so that people can buy extra tickets for those who perhaps might not ordinarily be able to attend this kind of Event – disadvantaged young people in Leeds.

Leeds Minster, Kirkgate LS2 7DJ, Saturday 31st October 6pm-10.30pm

Tickets £5

For bookings and more information, click on the following link:
Website: Awakening Heroes

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