The Power of Self Love

Self Love is very Important to be Happy and Feel Confident. Self Love is also very Important to be able to Love others for the Fullest without any Limitations.

But how do you Self Love?

To use the Power of Self Love you need to stop being unhappy with Yourself, stop wishing to be like someone else, stop comparing Yourself with somebody else, stop disliking your Body, stop Hating things about Yourself, stop trying to get Attention from others, stop trying to make others Like you……just Stop with that!

You are Perfect as the way you Are, You are Unique with All that comes with You.. And people will Admire You for that! They will even Love you for that!

Love You, Embrace You, Accept You!


When you start to have Confidence with Yourself, Love Yourself, be able to Smile to Yourself it will Radiate towards others and it will Attract others as well.

Don’t let your Happiness depending on others, if others are not Happy with You, your Appearance or Attitude….it’s actually Their “problem” and not Yours ;-) You Feel Happy, You Feel Confident and you Show it! Good on You!!

When you Love Yourself you are also able to Love others in a better way, you are able to Share your Love and others will be Happy and Grateful to receive your Love.

Have you ever thought about this one? Imperfections make someone actually Unique and Perfect in their own way and even make them Attractive! And the Secret is….when You are Confident people won’t even Notice your “imperfections”.

Imperfections are more in “your own head” than visible to others. Don’t be Afraid to Show Yourself! People will start to Love you for Who you Really Are! When you Radiate your Happiness and Confidence people will Pick that Up first and most.

If you Feel it’s hard to start Loving Yourself, use some Powerful Affirmations! These really help to Boost your Confidence. For example “I Love Who I Am”, “I Love Me with All that Comes with Me”, “I Am Beautiful”, “I Love my Flaws.

Look at Yourself in the Mirror and really start to See your own Beauty! Look at Yourself with Love, Say what you Love when you See Yourself…. “I have a Beautiful Smile”, “I Love my Eyes”, “My Body is More to Love”!

When you start practicing this every day, with Positive Thoughts and a Positive Attitude you will start to Feel a Change in your Confidence! And then…. notice the Respond from others ;-)

You will make your Life much more Positive and Create more Happiness and Love to Attract to You! True Happiness is Inside of You, You just need to give it access to Come Out.



Angelique ॐ


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