Magical Experiences at Glastonbury

It was already planned and guided for a while. A Spiritual mission with a group of people who joined together from different parts of the World. First connection through internet like FB and soon we created our Group there “The Connecting Light Energies – 144.000”. And Connection Light Energies we did!

When you like to know the story behind our group and mission, please check out former blog posts I posted or visit the blog and read the book “These Wings Can Fly” by Vivienne Duke. As that’s where it all started. Her book is available at Amazone.

In a few short words, we were and are guided to connect our Energies as a benefit for Mother Earth, to help her Heal and reactivate her Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra which are currently joined together in Glastonbury. And so the trip was planned and guided for us to be at the Glastonbury Thor at 11 September 2015, with a group of 12. Those who couldn’t join us for several reasons were with us anyway in Thought and Spirit.

We all arrived in Glastonbury at the 10th and joined all together in the same hotel. We went up to the Thor for the first time, which was a huge climb I have to say :-P . But when we arrived at the Top……… Stunning!!

 The Energy you feel up here is just Amazing! People who come there enjoy the view, meditate, just sit in Silence and Feel. It is really a Special Place to be and I am very Grateful I have been up there.

The next day, the 11th, was a very Special day. We were guided to do a Group Meditation first at the Chalice Well Gardens to prepare for what we needed to do at the Thor later on. So off we went to the Well Gardens, had a bit of a wondering around by ourselves to Connect and to drink some of the Healing Water and even collect some to bring back with us.

The Chalice Well Gardens are as well a very Special and Magical Place. It’s a place, very Peaceful where you really are able to connect with your Inner Self and Spirit. The Gardens are like a little Fairytale place, so beautiful. I sat down at some moment and meditated close to the Well, later on walked a bit around and filled up a bottle with the Healing Water. Very strong in an iron taste so it was recommended to only drink a few sips.

 When we joined together again, at 12:12, we sat down in a cirlce for a Guided Group Meditation. Everyone brought crystals of their own choice and feelings and were holding them in their left hand, the other person next to you was holding a hand on top of the crystals and so we connected together in the Circle. The Energy I felt in my both hands was like a Vortex spinning Energy, pulsing in the same direction in both hands at the same time. It was awsome!

Then we went off to the Thor again to do the Guided Shamanic Journey Meditation lead by Vivienne. We sat down a bit lower on the top of the Hill as there was much wind. The intention was to sit in a cirlce again but because sitting down a lit more lower on the Hill we decided to sit down in Horse Shoe shape. We stuck our crystals a bit into the Earth as we were guided to do so. The Meditation was really Powerful and it had a different effect and reaction on all of us in our own way. I got really emotional, tears were running down my face while still in the Meditation and once we finished the Meditation it all came out. I couldn’t stop it, I obviously needed to Release so I just let it all come out. Afterwards I felt really Energized and it felt really good what we did!

The main reason for us to do the Shamanic Journey Meditation there was as we were Guided to Connect our Energies, with our Crystals and send Healing Energy, Reiki Energy, into Mother Earth to help her Heal and activate and open up her Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra. As this will bring new Energies alive which we are really in need for in this period of time on Earth. I brought a Black Goldstone, a Moonstone and a Carnelian with me.

After the Meditation we made a Group photo and slowly went down the Hill again sharing our experiences of the Meditation. All very excited about what we felt and for completing our mission at that time. While walking down we crossed path with a woman holding the hand of a very little girl, blond curly hair full of Radiant Energy, smiling and having fun as she climbed the stairs and almost reached the Top. We were all connecting with her and enjoyed what we saw. Vivienne later on told us that is was meant to be for us to see her, there was something Special about her, we all said it separately, it was to show us that She is part of the Future we try to Create and Manifest and we just planted the “seeds” of Energy into Mother Earth’s Heart Chakra.

When we came all the way down there was a kind of Statue which had a Bell, you could tick with your Crystal at the Bell and it gave a really nice and beautiful sound. I was wondering why people did that kind of Ritual and when a Lady finished I went to her to ask her. She spoke in a language I didn’t understand but made me clear by Body Language it was for our Spiritual Connection and Connection with the Heart.

Then a Special and Magical moment accured…..she kept looking into my eyes, very strong. She was aged but looked So young….I was impressed by her appearance. While I thanked her for explaining about the Bell she touched my cheek, stroked it and kept looking into my eyes while she slowly walked away. I kept looking at her too and she gave me a very nice and warm smile, like she recognized me. Some other people saw it too and they also said it was something very special that was happening, very Spiritual.

I couldn’t let go of what had happend for the rest of the day, I was So impressed by it. Even the next day, in the car, on our way back home, it was still in my mind. And the strong thought that came back to me over and over again was that she was my Guide, connection with me at that Special Day or our mission at the Thor. The message I ‘received’ from it later on was that she was kind of Thanking me for being there, to do what I needed to do and that she was Grateful I was there and to let me know She was there. It gave me really tingles when this came to me as an anwer on my question Who she was and what that Special Moment was.

For me this was a Part of my Journey and Soul Mission I will never forget. And I truly hope that we succeed in what we have planted there in Glastonbury, our Connected Energies into Mother Earth’s Heart Chakra. That the Future of Humanity will be like what we saw in this Special Young Girl as then we will have done what we were supposed to do and succeeded.

Many warm Thanks 🙏, Love ❤️ and Light ✨ to all my Beloved Connected Soul Family; Shanna, Viviene, Jon, Esteban, Anj, Bernie  Stephen, Rich and Amanda who were able to join us in Glastonbury. But also the Beloved Souls who couldn’t attend us for several reasons but who where with us in Thought and Spirit; Rhea, Robin, Jean, Shaun, Lucy, Harry, Myles, Adrian and all other Souls Connecting with us in our “Connecting the Light Energies – 144.000” Group.

I Love you all Loads and I am very Grateful for our Connection and our Mission. We have just started, more is about to come……stay tuned 😇 ✨ 🙏 💫


Angelique ॐ

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