The Difficulty of making Choices

Choices…..we All deal with them. Sometimes choices are easy to make, when it’s about something exciting what you really want or look forward to. But sometimes it can be very difficult as well…..or do we make it ourselves difficult by not Dare to make a choice because we are maybe afraid it will be the ‘wrong’ one?

Actually, there are no ‘wrong’ choices. Even if you make the ‘wrong’ choice you will always learn from it and have an extra experience in your bag, so finally it might have not been so ‘wrong’ as you think it was. But still we are often afraid to make a certain choice as we like to make the ‘right’ choice straight away.

Most important here is, as long as you keep doubting about what choice to make, it doesn’t bring you anywhere. It does not give any results, you don’t have an experience to learn from, you don’t know if it was the ‘right’ one or not… simply stand still.

It’s a bit of waste of time to keep moving back and forth to what to choose. As finally you ‘need’ to make the desicion anyway, wether it’s just for you or included someone else as well. Always think of this; You only will know if it was the right choice…..afterwards. So why waisting time with overthinking, stressing yourself out and block yourself from any evolvement.

Best way is to cut the cord, focus on the choice which most appears to you or where you are most drawn to and stick with it…….for now. At least then you have something to work on to and slowly you will realize if it was the ‘right’ choice or not. If not, you can always change, but give it a try first, don’t give up after just one attempt.

Sometimes when you make a desicion it gets hard to get what you want, you might have to work hard for it, even maybe fight for it, struggle for it…….but that’s what makes you grow and evolve. So if you are tempted to make the ‘other’ choice only because it seems the easier way, remember that it won’t have to be the ‘right’ one.

All you want to achieve in Life will cost dedication, motivation and perseverance. You can’t just sit and wait till it All comes to you, as it won’t. It might sound strange maybe, but making the choice with knowing it will be a tough cookie will probably be the most succesful. And sometimes you just ‘need’ to make a choice like that. But again, don’t waste days, weeks, months or even years on doubting what to do. 

Time goes by and it doesn’t come back and you don’t want to regret later on either by thinking “I should have done this way sooner”. The ‘worst’ thing that can happen to you, when you made the ‘wrong’ choice is to make a change and focus into another direction, but at least the time you spent on it won’t be wasted as you gained the experience from it anyway.

Just get yourself together, pick a choice and just Go for It!! Don’t think about what might happen next or if you’re doing the right thing as every choice you make is a Right one. Wether it will finally be just an experience in the end or the best desicion you’ve ever made. Set your intentions on it, focus and start creating whatever comes with the Choice. Finally you Always get where you are meant to be.


Angelique Mol ॐ

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