The Power of “I AM!”

The Power of “I AM!” , very inspirational blog from Marcia Martin about how to use this power in the right way and what will happen when you use it in the wrong way.
Attract more of what you Do want!

Angelique Mol ॐ

Spiritual Messages from The Heart Healer

heart and stars

Dear ones we wish to speak to you of power, this is not power as the world has defined it; this is power that comes from the most high and is filtered through the soul level to the individual receiver. This power is personal and able to be tailored to meet the needs of each individual because it is spoken by and declared from the heart intention of each person.

Let us explain, when any one refers to themselves they do so in the first person the “I”. When they describe something they are doing, feeling or pondering they will do so as “I am” these two words carry with them the source of the highest power because they are classifiers. The two words say, this that is me is such and such. The person may say, “I am happy or I am sad. I am rich or I am…

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