Intuitive Writing Message 27-07-2015

A Beautiful garden contains flowers and much green. To be aware of all the beautiful colours you must observe and truly See all the beauty it provides. A single flower can so much get your attention that you almost forget about the rest of the garden.

Sometimes it’s good to focus on just one piece of beauty but don’t forget to look around a bit more sometimes as well. The beauty of a garden can brighten your day. The sunlight that reflects on the flowers, the waterdrops on the leaves. All has its own kind of beauty and magic.
When walking in nature try to smell all the different flavours that comes to you, try to recognize them, enjoy them, cherish them. Also recognize the little things that cross your path. Collect them when they catch your eye and you feel drawn to it. These little treasures will be always on your way, you just need to be aware of them to see them.
Magic is everywhere, so are signs, so is guidance and so is support. Like the beautiful roses in the garden the thorns might be in the way sometimes, but when you know how to handle them they will not be in your way at all. Let the colours overrule the darkness, let the birds sing above the noise.
Pay attention to the true beauty that is around us and all that doesn’t matter will disappear. The beauty is in you, the beauty is around you, the beauty is in everything, as long as you allow yourself to See.
Namaste Angelique, enjoy the beauty every day.
Warm wishes, Hishue

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