I Am…….A Beautiful Soul, just like You

Unfortunately there are still many people out there who judge others on their outher appearance like the Looks, race, skin colour, disability etc. It is actually a shame if you think about the fact we are All Human and actually All the same.

No one chooses to be born Black or White, born “ugly” (whatever ugly means for some people) or born with a disability. But, some how, a lot of people still see a difference between themselves and some other people. You probably have heard about a quote before that says sort of ” if we could just see someone’s Soul instead of their Human appearance, how different would the World be”. And this is so true.

Do you sometimes wonder why a homeless person became homeless? What is his or her story behind it all? Or do you just judge a homeless person on what you Think you See? Do you sometimes wonder what a person with a disability thinks or feels, did you ever asked? What makes you decide when a person is “ugly” or “beautiful”? 

Do you Judge without wondering why or what?

What you See is not always Who a person is. Who a person is you will find way deeper into a person’s Self, in his or her Soul….that is where you find the True Self. People need to learn more to Observe and not to Judge. People need to learn more to aks questions and put interest in someone else to Really get to know them. As you might be surpised how different someone can be from what you thought of them in the first place.

Judging people at first sight is always easy. You make a statement and so it is. No….it’s not the way it is, it’s the judgement you create without investigate anything. But a lot of people don’t have “time” to investigate or invest in other people to find out Who they really are. And that’s Such a shame!!

Do you realize that people with other skin colours, a different race or religion or born with a disability are as equal Human as you are? They have a Soul as well, just like you. They have the same daily issues just like you or sometimes even worse. They also have families they love and care for, just like you. They also try to live their lives in the best way they can, just like you. So….where is the difference?

People who were born healthy but had the bad experience of an accident or an illness which effected their lives and relationships are still the same Soul as they used to be. Just because they might be not able to function in the same way anymore as they used to be doesn’t make them a different person in terms of a Beautiful Soul. Of course it might effect them as a human being but deep down they are still the same person as they used to be.

We can learn So much from the Animal Kingdom as they don’t See any difference. Did you ever watched a video where 2 or more different animals playing together or care for eachother? How Beautiful is that?!

I See You……we all know the saying from the movie Avatar. And that’s exactly how we should look at eachother. I See You means, I look beyond your outher appearance and See the Beauty within You, I recognize You….as an Equal Soul just like I am.


Angelique Mol ॐ

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