You are Responsible for……You

I write this post, motivated by a conversation I had with my daughter yesterday. We were talking about responsibility and how that works for ourselves.
You might have noticed yourself that often people have expectations from you. They expect you to pay attention to them or respond on things or moods that overcome them. Sometimes even people put the responsibility on you for no reason actually. It’s sometimes hard to look in the mirror but we All need to learn to look at ourselves, in a mirror, and start to realize we are Fully Responsible for our Own actions, thoughts, words, reactions etc.

It’s too easy to push your responsibility away from you and blame it or put it on someone else. The only one who can change your reactions, moods, thoughts or words is You! Of course you can’t control someone elses reaction on what you do or say, especially when you don’t mean anyting wrong….but you Do control how You respond on someone elses reaction. Do you take things on board, do you Make yourself responsible how someone else respond on you? It’s funny enough all up to You. Everything turns back at You and only You.

When you are for example in a bad mood, it often happens that you respond in a bad way towards others as well, while they often even have no idea that you feel bad or why. It’s not their fault that you are in a bad mood. So the way You respond on them is Your Responsibility.

When someone else is in a bad mood and gives you negative energies and not so nice answers, you can pick it up and answer with the same negative energy or you can response in a way to make it not Your responsibility and keep being positive. Again, it’s all about You, how You respond.

Of course you don’t have to keep up with every bad thing, words or moods people throw at you, but the way you respond to it can make a whole of a difference. Responding back in the same bad energy can make things even worse and ruin your day as well, while if you don’t let it Touch you it won’t effect your mood or ruin your day and the other person feels that their behavior doesn’t have any influence on you so they won’t continue with what they try to do.

It is never your responsibility how people act or react on you, that is their responsibility. They always have a choice and their responsibility as well. It’s their own choice how they react on things or on you. But because it became so easy and normal to blame “the other” people often Think it is the responsibility of the other.

No, just learn to see and to know that You and nobody else than You is Responsible for your own action, words and thoughts and so is your mood as well. You can change it for your Self and towards others, someone else can’t do it for you, it’s simple as that.

When people have expectations from you, it’s Their responsibility, not Yours. People should never have expectations as it often turns into dissapointments, for themselves. Same for You, never have expectiations from others as you might get dissapointed as well.

The Greatest Day in Your Life and Mine is when we take Total Responsibilities for our Own Attitudes. That’s the Day we Really Grow Up  – John Maxwell


Angelique Mol ॐ

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