This is a blog aka 50 shades of green

50 Shades of Green; the attraction to Pure Nature, by Jon Duke

These Wings Can Fly

Jon’s View From The Ground 


Is it just me? I think it was Ronan Keating that life is a roller coaster and, wow, how true is that. One minute, feeling liberated, energised, and connected to all that is around me; the next minute weighed down by pressure and self expectations, flat and completely lost.

I’ve even taken to pumping my body with all kinds of ‘natural’ stuff – fish oil, apple cider vinegar, and kelp tablets. I’ve even tried turmeric tablets. They are apparently good for your digestion. Maybe, but the knock on effect was crippling stomach cramps and a stinky car (after holding in a lot of discomfort at work). So, I’m stick to 3 varieties but, who knows, I might Heinz it and go for 57.

I’m told by those in touch with their high selves – as I remain at ground base – that their are a…

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