New Energies Arriving: Message from the Pleiadian High Council

New Energies arriving; Stay Grounded

Living Life in Between

Greetings and welcome. We have come to inform you of the new energies infiltrating Earth’s atmosphere at this very moment. The energies are streaming in from the cosmos from a sector millions of light years away. This energy is disrupting the balance of Earth’s energies and initiating changes in many of its residents. This is not a bad or good energy and acts to activate and resolve the inner residual energy patterns of those transitioning during this time.

What you will notice is a strong heart center energy that appears to expand and condense, at times seeming to pull apart inside your physical body. This is due to the new energies and your physical body’s adjustment to them. Visual and auditory fluctuations may accompany the acclimation and integration process, so do not fear if you notice sudden changes in either of these perceptions. Brain activity will increase and be modified…

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