Spirituality – The Way back to your Inner Spirit

Still there are many people who don’t really understand what Spirituality is. They think it is another form of Religion while it has nothing to do with Religion at all. The difference is, Religion is a Believe, something that is created over decades far back into history. Spirituality is something that is already inside of you and always has been, Spirit. The only thing is, we lost the connection with out inner Spirit and now many people already start to reconnect again and find their way back to their Inner Spirit, the real You.

Another reason why you can’t compare Spirituality with Religion is because it is about your Journey within Your Self. Along the way you try to find the connection again with your Higher Self so you start to recognize again Who you really Are. From that moment a lot of things around you start to change as you start to change. Life becomes more positive and you don’t allow negativity anymore, or being controlled, or being told about what to feel or to think.

Spirituality is a way of living, living from out of Love and Compassion. Thrive for Nature, protection of our Mother Earth and Animals. It all goes on a deeper level, inside and out. When you connect with your Inner Spirit you will look different to the World around you, you start to see it as a Beautiful and Magical place where you are able to tap into full Abundance of Life. You start to Realize and to Know you are a Creator yourself and have the power to turn things around for the good of your Self.

It is not needed to search for Spiritual experiences as you will experience it in normal, ordinairy things, every day. Once you recognize it you will see how many experiences you have on a day. When you manage to make just one person smile, without no reason, you already had a Spiritual experience, as you send out Love towards the other person and the other person picked up your vibrations and responded. And so there are unlimited Spiritual experiences, day in day out.

Being Spiritual doesn’t mean you are ‘floaty’ like you might have heard many people say. It actually means that you are not floaty at all but Aware how to treat others and the World around you. There are still many people who might learn from you to find their own connection back with their Inner Self. Often people who say things like that haven’t connected with their True Self yet. And that’s okay, when they are ready for it they will. Everything happens at Divine Timing when people are ready for the experience.

Within Spirituality there is no room for judgement either, you can observe but never judge. As you know people all have their own Journeys to go and their own experiences to go through. You can always help and support others, from out of Love and Compassion, you will Feel and Know how to do this in the right way. 

Spirituality is also not a ‘new age hype’ , for some people it might be and they just go along with the whole ‘New Age stuff’ but they are still not truly Connected with their Self. As when you Are truly connected you Know it’s not a temporary ‘hype’ but it’s a Return to your True Self. Once you are back Connected with your Inner Spirit the connection is made and it’s forever. Because of the highter Consciousness that comes with it it’s not possible to disconnect again. It only might seem so when you let your Self getting infected again with the darker energies and your Ego takes over too much again. But when this happens, and often this happens just temporary because of some certain circumstances, the Connection with your Inner Spirit is still there, you only need to clear your Self from the negative energies again and you Feel the strong Connection again.

Spirituality is something Beautiful. You bring Love and Peace into your own Life but also into other’s. You see the real important things of Life and the Truth about everything. You live from out of Compassion and feel an urge to make the World a better place, starting with your Self. You probably already heard this one ‘We are not Human Beings having a Spiritual Experience but we are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience’. And this is true, we Are Spiritual Beings but only ‘forgot’ how to connect with Our Higher Selves. And now it is Time to find the way back again to our Inner Spirit.

Angelique Mol ॐ

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