Global Awakening University of Life 


What is your experience with your Awakening?

Did you had to find all the answers by your self? Did you need to discover it all on your own?

When I went through my Awakening I was blessed to be guided to New Zealand where I met a lot of Spiritual People and 2 awsome teachers who helped me on my way of discovery. I could turn to them with my questions, doubts, fears but also with my excitement as at least those were people who did understand me and didn’t see me as someone strange or a freak.

But a lot of people feel very alone while their Awakening process because they have no family or friends who understand or they judge them for their weird thoughts and opinions. Recognizable??

It’s very normal to feel alone in your Awakening process as because of this you start to become more selective in people who you can and can’t talk to. When you are fortunate to have family or friends who are also Spiritual and awakened you don’t have to feel that lonely. But when you don’t have those people in your close relationships it makes it harder and you feel yourself being removed more and more from them.

Wouldn’t it be awsome when there should exist a place where you can turn to, as a loner, with your questions, your fears and doubts, and with your excitement of all you have discovered so far? A place where you are Guided by teachers who have been there before themselves? A place where you have access to books and articles which can help you grow and move forward? Where you find ‘the others’ who are also looking for answers just like you?

At this very moment people are working hard to create this Awakening University of Life, for You. To create a Citadel where all of you can come together, from all over the World, where teachers are ready to help and guide you to find your Inner Hero, Your Self and your Life Purpose. To help you find your answers and guide you towards the direction you are meant to be going.

I am one of the Teachers as well. And once upon a time my teachers reached out to me and provided me with a bag of tools so I could move forward in my Journey and discovery. Now I am ready, together with my colleague teachers, to reach out to You and provide you with a bag of tools to help you grow and move forward on Your Journey.

We are still in a fase of building up and getting the Academy alive, for You. And if you also feel, just like us, it’s needed to bring this University to Life you are very much invited to help us spreading get the word around…..

At this stage you can help and support in several ways. Please feel free to share this post as wide as possible to make us heard by everyone, especially by those who will have great benefit of our existence. 

You can visit our crowd funding campaign here:

You can find the website of the AHA! University of Life here:

You can stay updated and in touch with us through here:  on Facebook ; Awakening Heroes Academy, on Twitter; Mr World Chances or /and A Heroes Academy, on YouTube; Heroes Awakening and on LinkedIn; Awakening Heroes Academy AHA!

Spread Your Wings and Fly, let the World know about our exclusive University of Life and help us Create! Thank you so much upfront for your support! We are Very Grateful!


Angelique Mol ॐ

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