Nature is Speaking

I found some great short video’s about ‘Nature is speaking’.

All these video’s are using the voices of Celebrity people who stand up for Nature and Humanity.

Humans think they Own it all….the Earth, the Oceans, Nature, Flowers, Water……but most people don’t realize that Earth can continue living without Humans, but Humans can’t survive without all that Mother Earth provides.

So why does Humanity still destroy often so much of Nature and Oceans? When will Humanity Wake Up and realize we only have the Right to be Grateful for what Mother Earth gives to us and that we Don’t have the Right to just Take and not Give anything back.

She can survive without Us……..Can We survive without Her?

All video’s are mainly about 2 minutes to watch but it can give us a Lifetime when we Hear the message very well.

Fight for our Mother Earth with Respect and Gratitude and fight for Humanity to survive, Be the Change!

Nature doesn’t need Humans, Humans do need Nature

Thank you for your Time to Watch and Care about Nature…… Our only Source for living.


Angelique Mol ॐ

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