Intuitive writing message 24-2-2015


All comes as it comes, you can’t force things to happen, the Universe will decide when the right time is there.

People often try to control things and want to make things happen right away, especially when  it’s for their own good and not particularly for others.

That’s why the Universe decides when things are allowed to happen, these things people can’t control no matter how hard they try.

People should learn to have patience again and Trust on things to happen for them when the time is there.

People also need to learn to have faith that when they are grateful for what they receive more things will come to be Grateful for.

Most people know about the Law of Attraction and how it should work but still many people don’t apply it in their daily lives.

You can only make a change when you are able to change your mindset and only use the Positive Energies. Negative Energies are no good of use and it only brings you more negative Energies, drama, negative moods and environments.

Why punish your Self so much when the solution is so easy?

Love, Positivity and Gratitude are the main keys to create a Change.

You simply can’t create a Change or better environment without these essential keys.

People know but don’t apply.

It’s important to make others Aware and Awake so more people will start using these essential keys.

Only in this way it’s possible to raise the Vibrations to a higher Energy level and create a better environment for everyone.

It already started but you’re not done yet, there is still much to do and many people to reach out to.

Most important is to keep faith and Believe in your own Truth. This will help you move forward and create the right Energies you need to touch others.

Still many people don’t believe that a Change is possible as they feel powerless, but nothing will happen if nothing happens.

When All make the choice to keep doing and living how they already doing, nothing will happen indeed and no Change can be created.

But when All make the choice to actually do something about it and Believe in themselves there will be created a Change.

People forget they always have a choice but often they need to step out of their Comfort Zone, and that can be a scary thing to do.

But it’s a very important step to do if you don’t like the things how they are at this very particular moment.

Help others to gain trust and Faith, help others to step out of their Comfort Zone as many are still scared and insecure to make the first step out of the circle.

You are not alone, all the way you are Guided but some actions must be taken by Your Selves first before we can guide you to the next step and the next level.

People need to reconnect again and forward this to the next generation to be able to create a new and better environment for them.

What you will create now is a big Manifestation for the future and next generations.

You decided to come here at this particular moment in time to make a change, so don’t wait any longer and start from Your Self, then touch others with your power and Energies and let them see and feel how it works, help them, teach them.

In this way it will be spreaded around and the flow of Positive Energies can grow.

Feel the energy of the Sun, feel this power and carry it with you, share it with others and touch their hearts and Souls.

So go now with all the excitement you feel within you and spread it around as much as you can, you are not alone, don’t be afraid to ask for guidance when need some.

Leaving you now with Universal Love and Light,

Divine Source of Light 

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