Finding your Soul Purpose


How can you discover your Soul Purpose?

By the time you wonder ‘why you are here’ and ‘where this Life should bring you’ you are already heading towards discovering your Life Purpose.
It is the curiosity and the questions which will help you to figure it all out.

So, what is a Life Purpose actually?

A Life Purpose is a sort of mission in your Life, what you are here for, also mentioned as the Soul Urge. It’s something that you really desire to do in your life. Deep down, the Soul knows and often you get signs or thoughts which come back under your attention many times to trigger you to discover what it is.

For me personally for example helping others, listening to them, taking care of them was always as a red thread through my Life. In jobs I did before, in situations…..but also the Coaching and Healing was brought often under my attention….in different ways.
Either it was through an article I read or an advertisement I saw about a course involved Coaching or healing.
Sometimes the ‘attention’ disappeared for a while and then it came back again.
Until at one point I really knew I couldn’t get around it anymore, I just needed to do something with it.
And the thoughts and feelings about it were good as well, it was exciting!

So maybe my example is recognizable for you?

Anyway, you can think about if there is something that really attracts you to do in your Life. What is your dream? What is it your Soul is longing for? Deep down inside you know…..but you need to recognize it and feel it.
Most of the time it has something to do with positive progress, doing something good for your Self or others or even to help change the World, like we All want.

It doesn’t matter how you contribute, it is your Soul task, your mission what you decided to do before you came into this Life. It’s hidden in your Soul and you just need to Connect with your Inner Self to find the answers.
It can help to sit down quiet, empty your mind and just ask what your Soul Purpose is….when you are connected to your Inner or Higher Self the answers, mostly in former of thoughts, will come to you. And then you will recognize it and it should give you a boost of excitement and the trigger to start with it right away.

It’s important as well that you Love doing what you are doing. As when it makes your Soul happy you will radiate that towards others as well and make them happy too.
A Soul Purpose is your assignment for this Life and it’s great when you discovered yours!

When it’s still hard for you to discover your Life Purpose you can always ask your Self a few questions like ‘what contribution to the World or humanity will make me really happy?’, or ‘if I could change anything in the World, what would I do or how would I do it?’ or ‘what did I do to make others happy before?’ or ‘what is it that makes me really happy inside or help me grow on a personal level?’

As a Soul Purpose doesn’t always have to do with your contribution toward others directly, it can also be something which is important for you to grow within your own Personality and own Soul, to learn and develop to a higher level of Consciousness.
But it mostly also directs back towards other people as well as when you change, grow and develop you also help others, in several ways.

Try to give more meaning to your Life by discovering your Soul Purpose as you should know……you Are here for a reason, right?



Angelique Mol ॐ

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