Universal Healing Power

Yesterday I did some Healing exercise with my daughter and a friend as our friend was reading in Shanna’s Healing book and liked to try out an exercise.

Afterwards she came towards me and gave me a note she wrote after the experience with me……
It touched me big time as it was not just very sweet of her to write this down for me but also because it was again a big confirmation for me.

I asked her if I had her permission to share this with all of You and she was okay with that…..so I translated her words to share the letter here with You……

Energy experience with Angelique

I felt a connection very quickly.
Immediately there was lot of energy between our hands and I also felt a kind of balance in there like our Energies were working together and strengthen even more.
I felt there was no negative energy in there at all and also that her energy didn’t want to overrule mine.
The energy was really hanging in between our hands and it felt really big.
Then later on I was prepared to receive her energy and when she started sending I received a huge loaded energy which felt really powerful!!
This, Angelique, is not that it was just so Powerful……
I have the impression that you have Energy in you which comes from the Universe, Energy that has chosen You as a carrier….
I am convinced this is not just something you have without reason……You indeed have a kind of Mission to fulfill.
When, how, with who……? That will be your part of the assignment.
A point of you to work on : dose your Energy in strength, recognise in which situation you need to slow down or the other way around….also not to let people ‘steal’ your Energy.
In the way I feel I might be helpful I will support you.
Good luck!



Thank you my friend for this awsome feedback!


Angelique Mol ॐ

picture: herbal025.blog.fc2.com

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