Emotions growing stronger, every day


What I experience every day already for a while is growing emotions and it’s gets stronger by the day….

With these emotions I mean to feel a large pressure on my heart or in my heart Chakra when I for example see heart touching video’s, especially when it involves beautiful things that people do for eachother or for animals.
That sharing Love towards eachother what we All longing for, for such a long time now.

The World is Waking up and it brings me so much Joy and Satisfaction as I try to share my Love and Light as much as I can with Unconditional Love.
I am proud to be part of this Change and I still believe this Unconditional Love will be spread out over the World even more.

If everyone would See more and Feel more with the Heart you will be surprised how quickly the World and Humanity can Change….
I know you All have a sensitive Heart, but for some it might be hidden for several reasons or closed and broken through several experiences.
But still you are able to Heal your Heart and radiate true Love again, Unconditional Love to All and everything.

Feeling this emotions so strong inside of me will say that my Heart is yearning for a Change and I know I am not the only one……
Feeling such pressure and pain around my Heart Chakra when seeing such emotional things doesn’t come up for nothing.

It’s time……

It’s time to Heal the World, to Heal Humanity, Animals and Nature…..
It’s time to start Healing Our Selves and recognize Who we truly Are…..
It’s time to spread Love and Light and help eachother where we need to….
It’s time to Wake up and see the Truth…..Our Truth…..

Walk this Journey with me, hold hands, share Love and Light, radiate Positive Energy and help raising the Earth’s Vibrations to a level we belong to.

I know that so much more people feel these emotions, pain, struggles, longing for Peace…..so let’s do something about it!

If one person can do what this Beautiful young man can do in this video below….imagine what happens if we All would do the same……



Angelique Mol ॐ

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