Angel of Releasing – Shamanic Journey

Angel of Releasing – Shamanic Journey for Self Healing

These Wings Can Fly


A few months ago my beloved, brave and very precious friend and business partner, Bernie,  was told she had breast cancer.

I was honoured to go on a Shamanic Journey to discover ways we could help her heal herself and get through this challenge.  I am now blessed and honoured that Bernie has bravely and enthusiastically agreed for me to share this so it can help others facing similar challenges.

So here goes:

Knowing Where Bernie needs to heal and what she needs to release 8.10.14

I am standing on a flat rock at the top of a canyon.  Looking down into the valley below.  I watch the sun rising on the horizon.  I am playing a musical ‘shaker’.  I stand watching the sun rise, playing the shaker.  I am dressed in my warrior clothing.

I hear, “I will fight this with you.  We are all shaken, but know there is…

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