The Power of 11-01-2015


As some of you maybe didn’t notice……it was a Spiritually Powerful Day today!

First of all the date itself, the 11 of January ( 1-01) is already Powerful because the 11 is a Master Number and very Powerfull for its Energies.
When you use Numerology in this today it makes it even more Powerful….as if you add up all the numbers of the date 1+1+0+1+2+0+1+5= 11 again!!

The Vibrations of the 11 has all to do with Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment. It tells us to Connect with our Higher Selfs to live our Soul Mission and Life Purpose.

Meditation and Positive Affirmations together with a Optimistic Attitude will Manifest our Desires and help to achieve our Goals.
It also encourages Us to Inspire the Human Race by relying upon our Inner Wisdom and Intuition.

Be an Inspirational Light towards others to help raise Spiritual Awareness.
It’s the kind of Lightwork we are supposed to do at this moment in time.
Of course it doesnt mean you set put this Intentions just on a day like this as it’s something we need doing every single day, but when it’s such a Powerful day we can use the Powerful Vibrations even more to create much more and better results overall.

With everything happening lately in the World Humanity screams for Higher Vibrations and Positive Energies,
It is on All of Us to spread this around and share the Light with everyone!
Only this way we can lower down the Darker Forces and Darker Energies.

We Are the Change that people need, that Earth needs, that Animals need and Nature…..
It All starts with Us, our Selves first, continued by Connecting and Bonding together.

Fear will hld you back or keep you down, so don’t send out Fear Energies, especially not today….
Trust in the Truth that is about to come, Trust on your Guidance, your Inner Voice and Higher Self… deep down you already know.

Don’t have doubt either, as it’s not necessary to have this.
When you fully trust and have faith in the Truth there is no room for doubts….so also don’t spend your Energy on doubts.

We can Create a Magical Year but it comes with our Intentions, Creation and Manifestation.
We must not only Act as One, we must Be One ❤️

Spend your Energy on Love, Light, Compassion, Truth, Peace and Trust and see the Magic starting!


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