2015 – A Magical Year


First of all, A Happy New Year to All of You!!
Thank you for being supportive here at my website and other Social Media Channels!
It’s Highly Appreciated and I hope You will keep enjoying my posts through 2015 😃.

For me 2014 was a year of ups and downs but also a year of discovery, learning and growth.
So actually 2014 was a very interesting and good year for me.
I’m very Grateful for all the people I started to Connect with, mainly with my 2 new friends Vivienne and Jon Duke, as with them I’m working on a big and important task coming year……finding All 144,000 to Connect 😉. ( if you already didn’t, you can read about this task and journey in a former post ).

Then for me 2015 will be a Magical Year as I know it will be a year with at least a lot of Positive Changes, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth and more growing Love and Peace between people 😊.
Last year there was already a huge change and big growth in people’s Awareness and Consciousness and this year it will keep growing, how excited is that?! 😃

We all know we need more Love, Compassion and Peace……well start today.
It all starts with and within Your Self and once you share it and spread it with a pure heart and intention you will see the effect of it and you might even be surprised how big and positive the effect is back on You 😉.

Like most people I have Positive Resolutions for my Magical Year as well…..

* Spread my wings and Fly, help others in a way it’s meant for me doing
* Get initiated, in February I will be initiated in Reiki….I am a Natural Healer but it’s good to be initiated so my channels will be wide and clear open how they are meant to be and without any blockages.
* Do more regular posting on my website, last year other things got my attention more, as it was needed at that time, so posting here didn’t happen as often as I wanted, so i will try to change that
* Focus on my Life Purpose, this year will be the strong focus on Healing, Spiritual Coaching and my task for the 144,000…..so exciting!!
* Most of All…….. , share Love, Peace, Compassion….Live Happiness and Abundance within everything and Helping and Supporting others where needed as much as possible.

Here a New Year Prayer I popped at on someones FB, it really resonates me and I hope it will resonate with You all as well.



Angelique Mol ॐ

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