Make a Difference





Be the difference


People sometimes think it’s important to impress others with what they have, material things, money…..

But actually that is totally Not what it’s all about. You can try to impress someone with fancy and expensive things and sometimes it might even work. When the other is easily impressed by those things you might win someone for you for that moment.

But there comes a moment or time that other things really matter, when material things and money are just not enough anymore, then tell me, what is left?

It’s a simple truth that money and material things cannot buy what people Really need…….Love, Acceptance, Understanding, someone to Hug, someone to Care for. Because what if money and material things would disappear? Will you still be truly Happy then?

All You Need is Love, it is mentioned a lot and it’s true! We need Love, within our Selves and to Give and Share with others, as that is what makes people truly happy! Imagine to have everything you want in material and luxury things but there is no Love, nothing at All…..would you be truly Happy? I don’t think so ;-)

Make Love and Happiness your first priority, for Your Self, your Family, your Friends and all other people in your surroundings. Share Love and see which Magic happens, then you will see that money can’t buy that kind of Happiness.

Make a Difference, Be different, and treat people how you want to be treated. Love people how you want to be Loved and Care for people how you want to be cared for.


Angelique Mol ॐ

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