“Angel of Peace & Tranquility”

The last week was a very Exciting and Life Changing week.
Through the Social Media Channel “Spiritual Unite” I received a link from Jon Duke which contained a Shamanic Meditation, channeled by his Wife Vivienne.
I read the article and was sort of “blown away” by it as it was about Life Purpose.
For the last few weeks “Life Purpose” was crossing my Path in every kind of way you could imagine, through messages in Repeative Sequence Numbers, through signs I picked up when I was browsing the Internet etc.
I already knew for a bit that Healing is a big part in my Life as this it brought under my attention much as well over the last few years. But somehow it never came to the point that I actually started doing something with it actively.
So I also knew for a bit that the Healing in combination with the Spiritual Coaching should be a part of my Life Purpose.
After reading the Shamanic Meditation I contacted Jon again to tell about the last few week and how “Life Purpose” was hunting me in several ways. He thought it would be good to Connect with his wife Vivienne as she could probably explain me more.
The same day I got Connected with Vivienne on several social media channels and through email we arranged a “Skype Meeting”.
Two days later in the morning I was ready for the Skype call with Vivienne and I was very Excited about it.
In the meantime she already told me about the Huge Spiritual Task she has to get connected with several Spiritual people over the World who are needed to Create a kind of web over the World to raise Consciousness and the Vibrations of our Mother Earth.
For this task she needs 144.000 people all over the World so a web of Connection and Consciousness will be Created to spread the Energy Vibrations that we need so hard at this moment in time.
During the Skype call Vivienne was also Channeling and was able to tell me a lot about my Life Purpose which is indeed Healing and Spiritual Coaching and that I Am one of the 144.000 people, the elected ones. She also Channeled that I Am called “Angel of Peace and Tranquility”.
So imagine what came over me, I got shivers all over during the whole Skype call and so had Vivienne. We were clearly Connected and our “meeting” was meant to be.
You probably can understand how Proud and Grateful I feel to be part of this Mission and big Task!!
But I will do what is expected from me as I take this as a very serious and important Task as well.
A bit later on that day Vivienne decided to “Like” my Page Spirituition on FB and guess what….she took a screenshot….and see how many “Likes” I had at that moment: 1.144 Likes.
This just blew me away and Vivienne said “I think the Universe is trying to tell us something” ;-).
It’s very important that the Journal which Vivienne wrote and explaines about her huge Task and the 144.000 people she needs to fulfill the Task is spreaded as much as possible!
In this way we might be able to reach other people who are “elected” as one of the 144.000 people who are needed.
Here is the link to the Journal and I invite you to read it and “Feel” what is does for you.
If you have the “Feeling” or get some Sign or Message because of this, or this blogpost and Journal comes to you at “the right time”, then please contact me or Vivienne to find out if you might be a Proxy ( connection point ) as well. 
In the Vivienne’s Journal you will also find how to contact her. Or you can send me an Email here through my website or at spirituition@live.com
Have fun reading and I hope in this way we can Create the Connections we need!
Angelique Mol ॐ 

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