My Life Purpose

So awsome how ‘Life Purpose’ is brought under my attention all the time. Through signs that I receive by seeing Repeative Numbers all the time, by reading articles or links of blogposts that were sent to me….. :-) I’m working on it!! :-)

In February 2015 I will get initiated in Reiki I.
After about 3 months of being active with Reiki treatments I can get Initiated for Reiki 2. Later on I will go for Master as well 😊.

It keeps coming under my attention that it’s time to start with this as it’s something I’m longing for a long time now.
Beside Spiritual Coaching it’s my Life Purpose to work as an Energetic Therapist / Healer.

So yes, I feel as well it’s time now to get into action with this.
Besides running my Café / Bar ar the moment i will slowly build up my Coaching and Energetic Therapist career to hopefully be able to this as a Full-time ‘job’ in the near future.


Angelique Mol ღ


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