The Toltec Secret

The Toltec Secret
Book Spotlight – The Toltec Secret

Written by Sergio Magaña

The-Toltec-Secret_OMTimesIn this remarkable book, The Toltec Secret, the renowned Mexican healer Sergio Magaña reveals the fascinating secrets of the ancient Toltec tradition. Closed to outsiders until now, this rich spiritual tradition is over 5,000 years old.

The original holders of this secret knowledge, the Chichimeca, were considered to be masters, with a deep understanding of the dream state and a working knowledge of how our perceptions form our reality, as well as the capacity to influence matter. The Toltec Secret reveals the incredibly powerful rituals and symbols that will enable you to:

* become lucid in your dreams

* create your life through your dreams like the Toltecs did

* send healing to others while in the dreaming state

* communicate with your ancestors

* develop your intuition and use Toltec techniques to see the aura

* heal and rejuvenate your body by connecting with the energy of the sun

* use the mysterious obsidian mirror for healing yourself and others

* practise the powerful dances of the Toltecs and Mexihcas.

To learn more, or to purchase The Toltec Secret, click The Toltec Secret book cover or HERE!


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