Sequence Numbers 1616 and 2222

For a while now I see almost daily Repeative Sequence Numbers which made me to become very interested in Numerology and Angel Numbers.
I decided to write them down and to see if the pattern fits to what is happening in my life at the moment and if it makes sense to my current situation.
The numbers I have seen today make definite sense to my current situation and how my life is evolving at the moment.
I will start with the first Sequence number I saw today which was 1616. 

The Meaning of Sequence Number 1616


It’s a message to keep my thoughts uplifted and positive, and to let go of material matters or concerns. The focus is on emotions, family issues, my home environment and me as a person.

New Energies will be entering my life which will lead to a renewed enthusiasm and the Angels are sending me positive energy and balance so that I’m able to stay focused upon my path.


It also encourages me to ask for assistance in repairing or readjusting to something that may be hindering or bothering me and causing anxiety.

This may have to do with unresolved debt, a purchase or the attainment of something of importance that I’m unable to afford at present.

The Angels ask me not to be disheartened but to maintain a positive frame of mind as they are working hard behing the scenes to fulfill my needs.

I’m asked to remain receptive of the gifts of the Universe.


It may also be suggesting that a new relationship is imminent, either with a newcomer or through reignited love in my existing relationship/s.

I must be open to giving and receiving Love and do not fear the “new” entering my life.



The Meaning of Sequence Number 2222  ( 22 is also my Soulnumber and is a Master number in Numerology )


This number indicates that newly planted ideas are beginning to take form and grow into reality for me.

My Manifestation will soon be evident, so I have to maintain a positive attitude and continue with my good work.

I need to keep holding positive thoughts, continue positively affirming and keep visualizing.

The reaping of rewards is just ahead of me.

Both explanations of the numbers are very recognizable for me at the moment which makes it very interesting to keep it up :-).
I will keep you updated with other Repeative Sequence Numbers which will appear on me and when they appear on me.
I hope this might be interesting for you as well, when you might see this numbers as well.
At least you can recognize the meaning of the numbers probably as well.
Feel free to share your experiences with me, my followers and readers ;-).
Stay tuned!
Angelique ღ ,

Spiritual Life Coach for Personal Development & Mindfulness






8 thoughts on “Sequence Numbers 1616 and 2222

  1. Reading this bring me a deep breath and a big smile, plus release of worries and so much hope ❤
    I’m seeing exactly the same numbers sequences and that’s so exiting :) I have been asking for an answer to some questions and here I found Your page 😚
    Namaste _/\_

    Liked by 2 people

    • That is fantastic Katka! I still see Sequence Numbers every day, several times a day. It’s something that shows us we are on the right track, in the right direction we should be going, it’s confirmation 😊😇. I am happy you take notice to the Numbers, you will start to see them more frequently! Keep going! You are doing very well! Namaste, Angelique ♥


    • Hi Bonita, it’s always important to keep up the Positive Feelings if you feel it like that! Then it means you’re on the right track. Keep it up! I’m happy my article helped you. Keep having Trust, as things Do come as they are meant to be ;-)
      You might start seeing more numbers and signs, pay attention to them ;-)

      Namaste, Angelique ॐ


  2. Thanks for sharing…I’ve been seeing number sequences on a daily basis for a couple of years now. Usually between 3-7 times a day. It all started when I made some big changes in my life and my youngest son was born. Once I acknowledged that they were in fact messages from my angels, I saw more and more. Lately, I’ve seen lots of 555,444,222,333,1616,1212, my bday 1118, and although I’m not sure how I feel about getting this one today, 666… Since I see so many, so frequently, I can’t keep up with all the meanings behind them…What do u think about all these numbers mentioned above. I’m a bit confused. If only my angels could be a lil more specific with their messages, lol….thanks again 😇


    • Hi Janyn, actually within Numerology a lot of numbers can also be seen as Symbols. You can also look up the numbers at a page which I feel is really good and is called Angel Numbers by Joanne Sacred Scribes The more Repeative the numbers, the Stronger the Vibration Energy that comes with it.
      This website gives you a good understanding and wide explanation about the meaning of the numbers, especially when you just learn about the Numbers ;-)

      Good luck! And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me again!


      Angelique Mol ॐ


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