Letting Go of a Relationship

We all have been there, at least once, when you needed to Let Go of a Relationship.
What actually means Letting Go?
By Letting Go you sort of cut the cords which are connected with your former Relationship so you have no true Energy Connection anymore.
This means you won’t spend any longer Energy on this person but you also prevent the other to connect to your Energy.
When you start to Let Go it’s normal you still have thoughts about the other or thoughts about everything that has past through your time together.
This is okay as in this way you will find the “teaching points” in that Relationship. You can Learn from it and Deal with it.
When you would step over this too quickly it might come back in a next Relationship and you will experience a kind of Deja Vu because you haven’t learn from it in a former Relationship.
So, don’t feel guilty when you at first still have certain thoughts or feelings toward the Relationship or the Person you have been with. It’s all part of the process of Letting Go and put it all in the right drawer for you to keep as a lesson.
It can even happen that after a while still some thoughts might pop up. Most of the time it has to do witch something you are experiencing at that particular moment and some how it reminds you or connects you towards a former experience.
As long as you can deal with it in a positive way it’s all good and part of learning and developing.
When you have put everyting in place for Your Self you are able to Open Up again with your Heart and your Soul. Sometimes you still need some extra time to Heal so then it’s very important you take this time for Your Self.
All things that will come your way will come when you are Ready for it and when it’s Divine Timing. So no need for searching or getting frustrated when it might take to long for you till someone new arrives on your path. Rather accept, be patient and let it all happen in its natural course.
I’ve been there, done that and I still Believe and have Trust in what’s meant to Be for me it comes when the time is right ;-)
When you Feel you are Ready, meditate and ask. Open your Heart and Soul with true Intentions and you will start Creating and Manifesting!
Keep the faith, Keep your head Up and Keep Loving!
Angelique ღ ,

Spiritual Life Coach for Personal Development & Mindfulness



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