What’s the Meaning of Namaste?

These days, in a time of Spiritual Awareness and Spiritual Growth, more and more people use “Namaste” as greeting towards others.
When do you exactly use it and for what purpose?
Namaste is a form of showing Respect towards the other person in front of you, or a group of People or even to the Universe when you use it for example after a Meditation, a Yoga session or a Prayer.
When you use Namaste you actually Bow towards others, Soul to Soul, with High Respect.
You Respect the other to be on the same “level” as One.
Althrough the Internet you can find pictures with Quotes about “Namaste” and actually it says it all.
Be Aware that you not should use it as a new “modern” way of Greeting these days but use it only when you have the True Intention from out of your Heart and Soul. It’s a Sacred Greeting and it should be treated as so.
Thank you for your Honor in this.

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