Plant Kingdom Meditation

TMS Meditation Plant Kingdom
At the 24th of May there will be another Global Meditation organized by The Master Shift.
This time the focus is on our Plant Kingdom and it’s coinside with the Millions of People marching for our Food Freedom.
As you all might know these days a lot of people are afraid for GMO products and you have no idea anymore what is safe to eat and what not.
For Farmers it’s even more terrible as a lot of them don’t even have the right anymore to make their own decissions and rules but are forced to grow under different rules and circumstances.
The same is that All Food in the World should be available for Everyone All the Time. We should be able to Support eachother and live more in Communities and have the ability to Grow our Own and share it with others. Imagine how Wonderful it would be if we Can do so and are Allow to do so.
Why don’t we have the right to make our own decissions and support eachother.
There also need to be more Respect for Nature and our Plant Kingdom because where will we be without Nature? Where will we be without fresh grown food? Have you ever explored and investigated about the Food Chain these days? Are you Aware of What you are eating and Where it is coming from?
Wouldnt you like to know? Well I do and that’s the reason why I changed over to Organic and Bio Products as much as I can. Read the labels, what is in there?
Try to eat as Less Processed Food as possible, as you will never know exactly What is in there and if it will be so Healthy for your Body……
The Meditation for The Plant Kingdom was written in part by Jeffrey M. Smith. He is Founder and Director of the Institute for Responsible Technology and he is narrating part of the Meditation as well.
Down below I share more details taken  from the information of The Master Shift website about the Meditation as well. Where to find the Guided Meditation you can use, where you can look up your Time Zone and other information about this Event.
The guided meditation can be found on our website the day of the meditation (May 24th), ( ) and YouTube channel (Mastershiftvideos). As always, our meditations are FREE. If you feel so inclined, donations will be accepted for the The Institute for Responsible Technology. ALL monies received will be used to support the Institute’s Healthier Eating Campaign. Your donation will provide educational materials, mini-documentaries and training programs to enhance/educate consumer buying habits throughout the world. The Institute for Responsible Technology is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, charitable organization. 

The May 24th “Meditation Moment” is synchronized. Please join in at your specified time. If you live in the Eastern Hemisphere of the world, please join in at 9:30 PM JST. If you live in the Western Hemisphere, please join in at 9:30 PM EDT. Please use the time calculator to figure out your time ( or visit our website for further details. If both times are convenient for you, please join us twice! The meditation will be in English. If you wish to help us by translating it into your language, please message us or send an email to: 

Please help us spread awareness about the event by sharing our promotional photo or this event page with your friends/family. Together we will create a master shift.
Join our community so we can stay connected after the event… The Master Shift
In Contribution for The Mastershift,
Angelique ღ ,

Life Coach for Personal Development
Twitter: @Coach_Angelique


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