Mother’s Day 2014


For All the Lovely Mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!
For some Mother’s Day is really special, for others it’s just an ordinary Sunday like every week.
It doesn’t matter how you fulfill your day as long it’s another day of sharing Love.
How did you spend this day? Did you visit your mum, did you buy her a present or flowers?
Did you went over for lunch or dinner or did you just gave her a call?
Or you just maybe have just become a mum yourself :-) , how does it feel for you and how would you like to see Mother’s Day for yourself?
Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments below this post :-)
For everyone it’s different in how important this day is. Some say it’s a really traditional day to show your mother gratitude, respect and love and for others it became a too much of a commercialized day.
My opinion is, as long as my mother is here she deserves my gratitude, respect and love. For who she is, for what she did in all those years of being my mother and the grandmother of my daughter but also for what she still does until today. For me, one special day makes it not more special, the gratitude should always be there, every day ;-).
But no matter how you have spend your Mother’s Day this year, I hope you enjoyed and were surrounded by your Loved Ones!
Angelique ♥

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