The Fun of Inner Peace

You might have heard about having Inner Peace, but what is actually Inner Peace? How does it Feel? How do you Know you have Inner Peace?
Inner Peace is a state of Consciousness, like it already says it is having Peace within Your Self and where there is no room for Stress, insecurity, anxiety, doubt, jealousy or fear.
When having Inner Peace your Body and Mind are in Balance and in a state of Relaxation and Acceptance.
To reach the state of total Inner Peace is not always so easy straight away, it is a process over time as you need to learn to deal with and to get rid of Negative Vibrations and Energies.
As long as your Ego is still in high control it is not possible to come into Inner Peace as the Ego is most of the time the Source of Fear and Jealousy for example.
Like I mentioned before, it is not always easy to shut down your Ego completely and get rid of the Negative Energies that comes with it, it is a process. Step by step you can learn to deal with this and let your Inner Self or Higher Self get more in Control instead of your Ego.
Also learning to Listen to and Trust on your Intuition helps a lot to shut down the Ego. The Ego brings doubts for example when you have to make an important decision. Your Feeling  ( intuition  ) says this and your  ( Ego  ) says that. Most of the time Ego wins as we get into Fear when we try to listen to our Feeling as we still think we can not trust completely on it, while we should ;-) .
Changing your Mind Set and regular Meditations can help you a Lot to reach Inner Peace. Even in combination with Yoga as this brings Body and Mind in Balance as well. It is very important to practice this all on a regular base to get the best results and to be able to Grow into Inner Peace. Be patience and give it time. The Effort you put in there is the most important thing.
So what is the Fun of Inner Peace?
Well, imagine Now, with your eyes closed, right at this moment that you are able to Live in Peace with Your Self, Others and your Environment. You only Observe but will never Judge. You will experience no Jealousy anymore. You never live in Fear and never have Fear for anything. You are able to Accept things as they are and can have Peace with it. No worries, no Stress……. Imagine…….That Feels good aye? :-) 
It IS possible, but again, it is a process….so why not start right now. Read about it, Meditate, practice Yoga, go into Nature, Be Creative…..everything to relax and ease the Mind. Bring your Body and Mind in Balance.
When you need some help and support in this Journey, you can always get in touch with a Coach ;-)
Enjoy the Challenge!
Life Coach – Personal Development

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