Gratitude and Happiness go Hand in Hand


And this is how it works…..

To be Grateful every day, even for the most smallest things is a big contribution to your total Happiness.
Actually Gratitude and Happiness go together in Life.

When you are Grateful you will receive more Abundance in your Life, in every aspect. And we know that having great Abundance in our Life brings us Happiness.
In this way I don’t mean just Abundance and Happiness in a Material way, but total Abundance and Happiness in Everything.

Abundance in Love for example makes us completely Happy as well. And the more Grateful we are for what we Have and Receive the more will come our way.
It’s simply the way it works ;-)

Even though we go through times of Sadness, Grief, Pain and Heartaches there is still always Something to be grateful of at that same moment. Only we don’t always see it or want to recognize it as we are too much only dealing with the issue that is going on at that particular moment.

When someone Past away for example, we can be in a enormous amount of Grief, which is normal of course,  but when you think back on nice memories or joyful or happy and fun moments you had together you will notice that it can bring a smile on your face and give you a warm and happy feeling inside.
Also you can feel Gratitude for that person been a part of your Life.

So in that way you see there always Can be the feeling of Happiness and Gratitude no matter in what situation. We only have to Allow ourselves to feel that way.
And you don’t have to feel guilty either when you still feel Happy in a Sad situation as the one who Past away for example wouldn’t want to See you in any different way ;-).

To Create Happiness you have to Allow Your Self to Be Happy.
And most important as well is to Be Happy for Your Self and not just for others.
When you Show towards others you are Happy, but deep down inside Your Self you are not, you fool Your Self.

We think others can make us Happy, for example when someone is in Love with you we often say that he or she makes us Happy.
In one way that is true of course but actually that someone Contributes to our Happiness.
We should already be Happy within Our Selves even without others around us or having them into our Lives.

When you are not truly Happy with or within Your Self we can’t Reflect it on and Share it on others ;-). The same with Self Love, when you don’t fully Love and Accept Your Self we can’t Reflect it on and Share it with others.

When it’s hard for you to find true Happiness within Your Self then try to look for the Reason or source behind it so you can deal with it and make a Change.

Allow Your Self to Be Happy as You Deserve it, Always!

Angelique ღ

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