Create a Stronger Connection with your Inner Self

How can you Create a Stronger Connection with your Inner Self, Intuition or Inner Voice?
We are All connected to our Inner Self, Intuition or Inner Voice, no matter what name you give it to Your Self.
Only not everyone recognize it as just yet or feels really Connected to it.
No matter or you Aware of it or not, if you recognize or “hear” it or not, we Are still Connected to it.
Because for a lot of people still the Mind “talks over” the voice of the Inner Self and that’s why it’s often hard to recognize “who” is talking to you.
When you learn to “listen” more to your Inner Self and trusting on it the more you will recognize the difference between your Mind or your Intuition talking to you.
The voice of the Inner Self is more a Feeling which can translate into a kind of “Hearing” and that’s why it can easily be confused with the Voice of your Mind or Ego.
In most cases with most people it’s still the Ego they hear talking and make choices and decissions based on what it “tells” them to do.
Do you recognize the case when you have the Feeling you need to do something but your Mind tells you something different to do? So your Logic is trying to over write your Feeling?
You probably had as we have All situations like this.
Most of the time people then listen to the voice of their Mind as it seems the most logical way to do. But also often later on it turns out that your Feeling was actually more right ;-).
To Create a stronger Connection with your Inner Self, Intuition or Inner Voice it’s important to start “Listening” more to what you Feel, to what comes up in a flash moment. For example if something comes “in” at once like you have the urge to do something at once then it’s important to take action and do it. Of course, you have to be able to do it immediately as well.
But sometimes the same “thoughts” or “feelings” come back to sort of “Remind” you of the Urge of your Soul. So then it means you should do something with it.
That is exactly your Inner Self or Inner Voice talking to you.
The same with your Intuition when it tries to warn you for something ;-).
When you sort of Wipe it away and ignore it or just not listen to it it’s easy for your Ego to take over as you allow it to do so.
When you start to pay attention more to your Inner Voice, listen to it and also take action to it, the Connection will get stronger as you get used to Listen to it.
Your Ego will become weaker in making decissions for you and you will more start to Trust on your Inner Self who Always knows exactly which Way to Go or What to Do :-).
It’s still very Human to listen to the thoughts in your Mind as it’s a part of Learning as well and also the Voices of your Inner Self will “sound” like voices in your Mind, but still there is a difference in “voice”. You just need to recognize it better. The Inner Voice is also connected to your Feeling, your Soul urge, while your Ego is only connected to the Rational Mind.
Meditation is also a Very good Tool to develop the Connection with your Inner Self. Often it happens that After a Meditation you receive “thoughts” or “ideas” to work on or to move into action for. In this case you can Trust on it that it comes from your Inner Self as through Meditation you actually shut down your Ego for some time.
The good thing about having a stronger Connection with your Inner Self it that making some decissions will become easier and faster as you already “know” what to do. You don’t have to “battle” with your Ego “shall I do it or not”. You learn to trust that what comes to you is right and it will be safe to take action on it.
When the Connection becomes really Strong you even don’t have to “think” about things anymore as you Immediately Know the answer or what to do. So you won’t let Your Self confused anymore by your Ego ;-).
Give it a try and experience Your Self how fantastic it is when you can completely Trust on your Inner Self, Intuition or Inner Voice.
It just makes Life so much easier for Your Self :-)
Angelique ღ

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