Can Lack in Communication drain your Relationship?


Like a lot of people say that Sex is very important in a Relationship, so is Communication even more important.
If you can’t have good talks or discussions with your Partner or who so ever it can seriously effect the Relationship with the other.

Good communication is important to have good understanding. When there is no good or wrong understanding it can lead to bad discussions or even a fight, simply because of misunderstanding.

It’s not always easy to talk or discuss with someone about a certain subject, especially not when it’s a sensitive or really Personal issue. But if you would not talk about that it can cause frustration within Your Self and when the other pick up that something is bothering You but you don’t want to talk about it, you can also bring over the energy of frustration towards the other.

Beside that, if the other gets the intention or feeling you don’t like to Communicate and show no interest in that there also might rise an energy of frustration as the other doesn’t understand your reaction or why.

No matter how hard it can be to talk with someone, especially when you have no intention to hurt the other ones feelings, it’s still very important to talk.
Talking or Communicating always solves the problem and at least you give the other one the chance to understand what is on your mind,  what is bothering or frustrating you and how you feel about it.

Communication keeps the Relationship strong and alive and you need this to keep the Relationship healthy as well.

Communication is even more important when you are in a long distance Relationship.
As then Communication is sort of all you have at the moment. You don’t have a physical connection, maybe not for a while either, so you are not able to let the other know how you feel in a physical way, so the only tool you have for that is talking about it and explain things.

When one of the two starts getting lack in communicating to the other, show Iess interest in communicating or not sharing feelings and thoughts it can drain your Relationship and even End when you don’t pay attention on it on time.
So Always talk! Even it might not seem not that important, it always starts with the little things. But when it builds up to something bigger it might be too late to get it out of the way again. Don’t wait to long when something is on your mind as you might regret it later ;-).

Talk, explain, share and even discuss about things as this can be your most important tool to keep the Relationship Alive and Healthy.
On the other hand, it works both ways of course ;-).
Also be open towards the other when they are in need to talk to you, even it might seem as something minor to you.

So keep talking, stay open and receptive and keep it up!

Angelique ღ,

2 thoughts on “Can Lack in Communication drain your Relationship?

    • Thank you for your feedback! I’m happy to hear that it works out well for you. I believe when more people could have more, clear and open communication there could be a lot of less stress and troubles ;-). Namasté, Angelique


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